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Christina Jenkins
Reel Talent Studio

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  • 2023 Fundamentals of Acting for Film/TV Intensive - Cody Mayo Acting Studio 
  • 2022 Advanced Organic Auditioning - Matthew Barry 
  • 2022 Chekhov Technique - The Actor Factory 
  • 2022 Acting Technique - The Actor Factory 
  • 2022 Self-tape tune-up - The Actor Factory 


I am an actor that has experience with Film & Tv, as well as commercial work (print and TV).

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Transform your brand's message into captivating content that engages and resonates with your audience with our expert content creation services. Our expertise in developing tailored strategies and creating compelling content can certainly help businesses succeed on social media.

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Effective social media strategies and high-quality content creation are essential components of successful online marketing campaigns. With a personalized approach and a focus on creating engaging content, we can help your business build a loyal following and achieve your social media goals.

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As a social media consultant, our services involve helping businesses establish a strong online presence through effective social media strategies. This may include developing customized social media plans, identifying target audiences, creating engaging content, and analyzing performance metrics to continually improve results. Additionally, our content creation services may include writing blog posts, creating social media graphics, and producing video content. Through your expertise in both social media and content creation, we help businesses build brand awareness and engage with their audiences in meaningful ways. 

Stephanie has an MBA in Marketing and Sales, and has over 10 years of experience with social media and content creation. 

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Content Creation

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Whether you're a fellow creative or agency, we'll be a match if you value individuality & creativity above all

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I vibe best with the couples that can't wait to make memories, let go, be themselves, and simply have fun

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