I am of a person of many passions - and storytelling is one of them. Whether it be through acting, content creation, or documenting weddings, the ability to encapsulate core memories and emotion through film is something that continues to drive me in the connections I make and the adventures I take.

It is my goal to not only encourage others to explore their passions, creativity, and talents, but to share mine so that others can experience the moments and feel the emotions of each unique story I create and document.

Hi, I'm Stephanie

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Inspiring Creativity

Offering a wide range of content direction and creation services for other artists and business owners, as well as providing my acting portfolio and information.


Offering timeless wedding films that marry luxury, love, and lively vibes. Learn more about the experience & investment and browse through my past wedding films.


What Brings You Here?

"Stephanie is an amazing, creative individual. She’s professional, diligent, and committed to capturing the best in you."

"Stephanie was so amazing to work with and made the wedding video of my dreams."

"I can't speak highly enough of Stephanie and all of her incredible work. She captured the most special moments of our wedding day and put together the most thoughtful and heartwarming video"

"The video was amazing and getting a special keepsake from our day that we can show our friends and family is something we will truly cherish"

Through my personal brand, I not only have the freedom to discover and explore new hobbies, but to offer a wide range of creative services. From my acting career to content creation and direction, the freedom to express myself and inspire others to do the same has continued to drive my love for the creative industry.

If you're a fellow business owner, creative, or agency, head over to my content page to learn more about what I offer and my experience.

I have always been one to find fulfillment in exploring uncharted creative areas

Stephanie Sevier's Personal brand

Whether you're a fellow creative or agency, we'll be a match if you value individuality & creativity above all

I vibe best with the couples that can't wait to make memories, let go, be themselves, and simply have fun

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